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Festival of Lights – Berlin!

Brandenburger Tor during the Festival of Lights 

Festival Of Lights is a yearly event in Berlin in October! I didn’t really know about it and happened to get really lucky – I was in Berlin for 3 days and out of them, one day was the last day of the Festival of Lights! I may have been naive, but its a very well known festival and it sees tourists from all parts of the world come to Berlin!


So what is the Festival? Its probably one of the largest showcase of what light and technology can do! All the major buildings and monuments in Berlin are basically “dressed up” in light! The best light technologists and students from across the world participate in it and its simply mind blowing – its literally storytelling on the facades of these buildings!

There were light shows showcasing the current political stories like this

A representation of Germans welcoming the Syrian refugees

Then there were shows showcasing Berlin and its icons like this

Noir Berlin on Display

And some were just artists’ imaginations



The whole city comes to the roads and its an atmosphere of a carnival all over


I’m so glad I happened to witness this amazing showcase – so if you are planning a visit to Berlin, please check out the dates of the Festival of Lights and time it accordingly!

As they say



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