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Gateway to Bombay! The Taj Mahal Hotel


The Taj Mahal Hotel embodies the essence of Bombay since the 1900’s! Built by Indians in 1902 to prove their mettle vis-a-via the British, it has been one of the finest hotels in the country! Unlike common belief, The Gateway of India was built much later in 1924 by the British and the Hotel became a part of the glory of the empire in Bombay. Through the years the hotel has played many roles – a hotspot for the rich & famous , a hospital in a war, a hiding place for freedom fighters. More recently, it’s been a victim of terrorism and fear which has taken over the world. It’s also a symbol of courage and positivity required to overcome the fear, a way of moving on, the so called ‘Mumbai Spirit’ which helps the metropolitan survive every single day. Hopefully it will continue to stand for all the things it has and continue teaching us lessons in a more restless, demanding and intolerant society as we are today!

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