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Passport Holders – simple accessories making travel organised.


As a regular traveller, a passport holder has become an essential part of my travel kit. It’s a simple accessory to own but makes travelling very organised. I do not use a passport holder as a wallet as I do not like carrying my passport around all the time, however I find it very useful for many other small things like keeping some of my travel documents organised in one place, keeping a few back up cards and some currency in it, I usually keep my driving licence in it. Basically, its helps keep me organised. One example I should tell you is that while taking long haul and transit flights, I would always struggle to keep the boarding cards somewhere safely in my handbag and then land up struggling to find them at the right time, and then came my passport holder to the rescue. Never lost a boarding card once I got one of these.

IMG_5411I recently got to try the URBY passport holder. The courier arrived and as I excitedly opened it, I was quite impressed by the nice outer packaging as well as the cloth bag.The passport holder was personalised, which is a nice touch to add and makes it fun to carry around (note to self – a good gift idea for traveller friends).

IMG_5419It comes for with four slots for cards,  money and other documents which is great, but the key is that its still slim and not bulky. I’ve seen some holders which give many more slots, but I like the idea of giving lesser slots, making it impossible to make it fat and bulky. The passport fits in snugly in it and definitely gives it a layer of protection. IMG_5416

This one is definitely a must add accessory to add to your travel adventures!

You can find these at

Urby is a direct-to-consumer, lifestyle and travel accessories brand . They design and manufacture essentials for an urban lifestyle using the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. 
Happy Travelling!



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