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Hola! I’m Shruti. I’m the happiest when I’m on the road, wandering beyond the regular, exploring the unusual and planning my next trip. Me:Wanderlost is an expression of myself & my travels. My philosophy of life has been “spend money on experiences & not things”  and travel has been the best “investment” of my life.

I’m an experiential traveller. I almost always stay in a home-stay or an apartment instead of a hotel, in areas where locals stay- far away from the tourist crowds, I love meeting locals and spending time with them instead of ticking off lists, I travel slow and like to spend enough time in one place instead of hopping destinations. I love road-trips and driving around in new places, have found it the best way to explore more unknown places and meet more people.

In 2015 I quit my corporate job and a longstanding career to give myself an opportunity to travel, explore new paths and learn new things. From then till now, I’ve tried my hand at a travel start-up, started this blog, did some freelance work and most importantly travelled a lot!

Hopefully I would inspire you to take some risks in life and follow your dreams, travel a lot, travel differently!

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