Gateway to Bombay! The Taj Mahal Hotel

The Taj Mahal Hotel embodies the essence of Bombay since the 1900’s! Built by Indians in 1902 to prove their mettle vis-a-via the British, it has been one of the finest hotels in the country! Unlike common belief, The Gateway of India was built much later in 1924 by the British and the Hotel became…

Czech Beyond Prague – The South Bohemian Countryside Roadtrip

The South Bohemian Region in The Czech Republic is described as “A landscape of forests and fishponds with beautiful countryside, fairytale chateaux and rural farms” on the country’s official website .I would just pick up the word “fairytale” as the word that describes the region! Travellers would usually do day trips to some highlight places in…

Mumbai from my Lens

Mumbai is where I live and this is a collection of pictures which showcase life in the city – from the colourful sides to the intriguing ones , from its rich heritage to the current urban decay!

The most beautiful place on earth – Pangong Tso Lake, Leh

Pangong Tso Lake – the highest Salt Water lake in the world in the Ladhak region of the Himalayas. Ladhak is the coldest desert in the world and till date it is isolated from the modern world and thrives on a very distinct & unique lifestyle and culture. Our journey to Pangong Tso was through the high altitude cliffhanging roads with huge bare mountains all around standing like protectors of the place – no trees, no waterfalls, no fauna anywhere to be seen, and yet so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off the drive. The five hours of the drive from our base left me with one thought – was God trying to make a point – beauty can be created out of even the most drab elements available!

Prague : Un-tourist it!

Prague was the starting point of my Czech adventure which took me to the heart of South Bohemia. This was my first trip to Prague and here’s a quick roundup of the medieval city from my point of view. Prague is what it is supposed to be – beautiful, historic, beer and party capital of…

Goa Off-Beach

Spending a week in Goa in a house rather than a hotel, in a village rather than the beachside, in the monsoons rather than winters has been a completely new experience for me –  I must say I loved every moment of it! I don’t think I can do Goa the old way ever again….

Jungle Book as Rudyard Kipling saw it :) Kanha National Park

Living in India and not been on done proper Tiger Safaris was really bothering me.. so decided to take off to the hotbed of it… Kanha National Park. The park is a part of a huge forest in central India which has a number of tiger reserves like Pench and Tadoba other than Kanha..This is the…